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Electronic Identification For Pets And Livestock

Eezytrac are one of the oldest producers of animal identification devices in the world. We currently supply many companies who then redistribute our products. Many hundreds of thousands of animals have already been reliably identified using our equipment. By supplying you directly we can offer low costs and an improved service.

Every Eezytrac microchip carries a unique number. This number is transmitted when the animal is scanned by a reader. A Veterinary Worker would normally implant this tiny chip under your pet's skin. Then, he will help you to fill in the details of ownership for you to send off the National Data Base known as PetLog.

In the unfortunate event that the animal is lost or strays, it can be identified immediately by RSPCA, NCDL, Veterinarians or Dog Wardens, who all scan pets routinely. One call on the 24-hour Help Line stating the animal's unique number will result in the owner being reunited with their pet in the shortest possible time.

Our chip is ISO Standard, which will be used world-wide and our delivery system is proven reliable and considered the least stressful means of implanting your pet.
The chip is ideal for the Pet Passport scheme. For more information, contact your local Vet and ask for Eezytrac, the Original Manufacturer.